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jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

352 English Irregular Verbs

Descripción del producto

The practice book “352 English Irregular Verbs” presents five groups of the verbs according to the type of forming. The guide is for beginners and those who have been continuing the English classes. The text is illustrated by tables, schemes, pictures, puzzles, games and exercises with keys to get more practice in the correct usage of the verbs. Contents; Introduction.Part 1. Rules – a bit of grammar.Chapter 1. Why are these verbs irregular.Chapter 2. Past Simple.Chapter 3. Past Participle.Part 2. Practice.Chapter 4. Beware of prefixes.Chapter 5. Proverbs and sayings.Chapter 6. Quotes.Chapter 7. Poems.Chapter 8. Puzzles, games, exercises.Appendixes.I group list.II group list.III group list.IV group list.V group list.50 most common verbs.Full list of 352 verbs.Keys.Useful links.Further reading